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    Shenzhen Image Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, focusing on the PCB Visual inspection system solutions, is the first AVI equipment manufacturers in China.

We have accumulated rich experience technical team in PCB industry and many years engaged in PCB visual inspection series equipment technology talent with PCB graphics and logical operations software for the development of unique combination, PCB visual inspection machine to lay a solid foundation, in 2008 first appearance manual visual inspection machines, and actively participated in the customer's production, in use is constantly upgraded and aggregated, on the beginning of 2009 exhibition the company shown brand-new 2009 automatic visual inspection machine successfully, actively cooperate with the customer's production application, got successful results.

We have the courage to break through, breaking the AVI products long-term monopoly from abroad. Because professional and constant innovation, because the integrity and quality services that we believe will provide more efficient and more affordable new AVI products for the PCB manufacturers, will be your reliable partner!

Shenzhen Kaima Times Technology Co., Ltd. predecessor is Shenzhen Kaima Software Technology Co., Ltd., the company strategic transformation in 2010, renamed Shenzhen Kaima Times Technology Co., Ltd., since the founding of the company has been committed to the PCB manufacturers provides top quality testing system solutions, is the first domestic  both software and hardware development in the integration of high-tech enterprises.
    Since its inception, the company relies on advanced technology and professional attitude and rigorous in November 2001 released testing fixture aided manufacturing software, through constant development and improvement, successively obtains national certification, and has become the most accurate, the fastest and the highest automation degree of PCB testing software on the market at present.

In 2003 the company developed brand-new PCB high voltage universal grid PCB tester, shown perfect combination of kaima software and hardware, since put it on the market, because leading technical indexes and over other similar products performance, won high favor from customers.

On March 2009. Successfully developed brand-new quad density rocking automatic high voltage universal grid PCB tester; on June 2009, developed brand-new quad density robot automatic high voltage universal grid PCB tester; have provided excellent products and outstanding services for RED BOARD, TECHWISE GROUP, VIASYSTEMS GROUP, TOPSEARCH, SCC, ELEC & ELTEK, etc. won high praise.

Over the years the company have a creative, enterprising team, excellent development, design, production and service abilities, can meet customers needs, optimize and update constantly to provide the perfect testing system solutions.
     The company strictly carries out ISO9001 international quality management system, stable quality assurance, efficient service and competitive price advantage, is your reliable partner!




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